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and Kandice Seeber

Lampwork.net is an in-house lampwork glass studio and small online store where you can buy handmade lampwork beads.

Lampwork.net is essentially me, Kandice Seeber, the webmistress and glass beadmaker. I am 42, married and live in Washington State with my husband Ken, and kitty Ember.

I've always loved beads and color - I first got into beading when I worked for a fabric store during my college years. Color is a major inspiration of mine - I adore the way color plays with light. I bought lampwork for my own jewelry creations for awhile, and just fell in love with the medium. When I discovered several years ago that one could make her own beads, I was hooked! I have been in business online since July of 2001, selling my handmade beads and jewelry. I have been making lampwork glass beads since July of 2002.

My beads are made from Effetre (Moretti), Vetrofond (Murano), CIM, Reichenbach, Double Helix, Precision and/or Lauscha glass, then annealed in a digitally controlled kiln for lasting durability.

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Updated July, 2013 - These are some of the places in print and online that you can find features on me and my beads.

Some of my tips and tricks on color appear in the October 2011 Issue of Soda Lime Times.

A review of my tutorial titled Decorating With Stringer appears in the September 2011 issue of Soda Lime Times. The review was written by Jenne Rebecca.

Lori Greenberg of Bead Nerd interviewed me in August, 2009 - here's a link to the interview on her blog.

A review of my tutorial titled Glass Families: Pinks appears on The Glass Crafts blog on Craft Gossip, written by Cathi Milligan, in February 2009.

Beading Daily has some projects featuring my beads, and an interview as well. It came out in April 2008, as a companion to my tutorial and beads in the Step By Step Beads May/June 2008 issue. I'm really impressed with Beading Daily - I highly recommend them!!

Jo over at Lampwork Art interviewed me, and has posted that interview on her blog. She has said some really nice things - I'm grateful.

I'm one of the featured artists in the 2006 edition of Bead Review.

A small pic of some of my beads appears in the Call for Entries section of the 2005 edition of Bead Review.

The article on my Rosebud Whimsy beads appears in the May, 2005 issue of Lapidary Journal.

I was featured in the Beading Times online magazine in February, 2005. Click here to see the article.

I have some galleries on BeadArtists.org and Glassartists.org (this one's really old!).

Nautical Jewelry's Top Site Award

Me in early 2008

Me, Kalera and Jamilyn at the 2004 Gathering in Portland, OR.

Paulette Insall and I at our PMC class in October, 2005

My adorable husband Ken in Victoria in 2004

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