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Hi, everyone - welcome! I create lampwork glass beads for jewelry designers, collectors and bead lovers. Below you will find the updates section, where I will be posting news about what's happening and other fun stuff of the moment. Also, please check out my Frequently Asked Questions page for all the info you'll need on bead availability, ordering, shipping and more.

Updates & Chatter

2/5/16 - Hi everyone - changes have arrived! I have been hearing lately that more and more customers would like to see earring pairs for sale either here or over on my Facebook group. At the same time, interest is waning on the Bead of the Month Club subscription I have here.

So here's what's up - Bead of the Month Club has been discontiued for now (maybe to return next year). Instead, I will do made to order earring pairs in a specific color scheme every month. I'll post two or three different designs (flowers, stripes, scrolls, etc.) in one color scheme and you can order as many of each pair as you like, to be made for you. Of course, anyone who has already signed up for Bead of the Month Club will finish out their subscription and it will just not be renewed. I will still post bead sets for auction over on my Facebook group. :)

Please join the Bead Auction Group to see beads I have for sale at the moment.

Made to order earring pairs are now listed over on the Beads For Sale page!

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